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            Almost every entrepreneur cringes when they think of a lawsuit.  Many feel that attorneys are not needed until a lawsuit is filed.  This can be a major mistake.  At Affinity we know that a lawsuit should never be the first reaction to a business problem.  Although the law can solve a business problem it is slow, expensive and may not produce a favorable result.  We take the following approach:

1.      We listen!  What do you really want to happen?  Often someone says they “want to sue,” but are really saying, “I am frustrated and can’t get cooperation.”  Perhaps a letter from our firm can get the other parties attention without litigation.

2.  We offer more options than you may have thought you had.  Often a person may not know that there is an easier or better way to accomplish the same thing.  Our experience is that there is more than one way to accomplish the same goal.  We will provide that second option whenever possible.

3.  We let you decide.  Although we give you the options – the ultimate choice is yours!  We will advise and focus on what is the best outcome for your business.

4.  We don’t break deals!  It’s your choice.  We often see people make decisions that we would not recommend, but life is full of risks and choices.  We will put together your deal as long as it is legal.  Affinity will do our best to make it happen.

5.  We act quickly.  It is important to move business along at the pace of business, not the pace of law.  Although we can not control the process (i.e. lawsuits don’t get resolved quickly), we can get it filed quickly or write your demand letter promptly.

6.  We spend your money like it is our money.  No one wants their hard earned money wasted.  We try all possible “business” solutions before we force the issue with a lawsuit. Affinity prides itself in not creating unnecessary costs and resolving the issue the way we would want it done if it was our money. 

7.  We try to permanently resolve the issue.  Many entrepreneurs complain that “attorneys don’t ever truly resolve issues.”  Although we “do” litigation we seldom advise it as the first solution.  Although it may seem that way on complex issues that take years to work their way through the legal system, most problems do not last for that long.  Often we can make settlements, negotiate or make payment arrangement to avoid the lengthy legal process.  This can be done before, after, or in the middle of litigation.  We understand that a “win” may be just putting the problem behind you. 

8.  We are your advocate!  Affinity will fight for your rights and has the ability to take action.  Although no attorney can guarantee a result, Affinity guarantees we will fight for you.

9.  We communicate.  One frustration we hear is that, “most attorneys don’t return calls quickly.”  Although we can’t return every call every day, we can be reached by e-mail, phone, or our staff may be able to help you with your issue.  We keep you aware of what is happening by sending detailed invoices, e-mails, letters and faxes.  Affinity will give you a realistic timeline based on our experience, of what to expect, what it is likely to cost, and the likely outcome. 

            At Affinity you will see the difference in our business friendly philosophy and the way we use the tools to assist your needs.  We look forward to serving you.