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Serving Florida with Legal Representation and Business Consulting

Business Development


At Affinity we understand the importance of properly forming or incorporating your company.  We are a one stop shop for forming corporations, LLC’s, and other entities that best suit your unique needs. 

Although there are many ways to incorporate, it is important to understand that all companies are “legal entities” and must be formed and properly maintained to provide legal protection.  Our experience has shown that $99.00 website offers to incorporate your business online do not always include the structure that is necessary to properly protect you.  Operations of this sort usually do not prevent the “corporate veil” being pierced because of an improper formation or the failure to properly operate as a legal entity.  This leaves the owner personally liable! 

            All of our packages are complete and include:

  • Formation or Incorporation as per Florida rules, laws and statutes
  • Completing required Federal paperwork including obtaining a Federal Employee Identification Number for the IRS.
  • Electing the Proper Taxation Structure (If you have an accountant we will include him in this process)
  • Initial Minutes (required for corporations)
  • Formation of an Operations Agreement (This is your “partnership agreement”)
  • Resolutions for Opening Bank Accounts (Banking Resolutions)
  • Issuance and Recording of Stock or Unit Distribution
  • Instructions on Maintaining the Corporate/Company Veil of Protection
  • Official Certified Copy from the State
  • Official Certificates of Status from the State
  • Custom Engraved and Numbered Stock Certificates
  • Official Metal Portable Seal
  • Custom Official Binder (with all corporate documents properly assembled)
  • Local Information on Necessary Occupational Licenses
  • Information on Bonds if Necessary
  • Information on Other Necessary Professional Licenses
  • Doing Business As (dba) names if necessary
  • Workman’s Compensation Information
  • Logo, Trademark and Copyright Information if Needed
  • All Required Employee Posters (Federal and Florida State Specific)
  • Registration of  a Internet Domain name (optional)
  • Peace of mind of knowing your company is properly formed by a licensed Florida attorney.