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Our Legal Services  
Serving Florida with Legal Representation and Business Consulting

Civil and Criminal


Our litigation team strives to get your business disputes resolved in your favor.  You don't need to feel bullied by a large company because they owe you money and you feel like you don't have the upper hand.   Small amounts, or large amounts, the services of the Affinity Law Firm will ensure that you get a fair deal from our legal system. 

If you run a business (LLC, Inc., etc.) and you are being sued, you are required to have legal representation for your claims to be heard in any matter or controversy over $5,000.00.  We at Affinity Law Firm strive to get you the money that you are owed.

Law suits can be a long and drawn out process.  With Affinity Law Firm, you're in the hands of skilled practitioners who will take care of your issues to the best of their abilities.