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Jacksonville, Florida   

One of our attorneys can offer solutions to matters in the areas of:

Real Estate Law

Business Law / Corporations

Civil Litigation


Estate Planning

Debt Relief

Loan Modification

Foreclosure Defense

Criminal Defense / Traffic


We are a team of Jacksonville Lawyers with a history of effective results.

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Need a Jacksonville Lawyer? 
Our attorneys serve Florida with Legal Representation and Business Consulting

Affinity Law Firm is a team of Jacksonville lawyers dedicated to providing clients with legal representation.  Our legal services are offered with client's wishes and goals as the primary concern  

Our lawyers offer a diverse law practice to individuals and businesses in Florida. 

Jacksonville Lawyer offering representation and consultation.
Legal Services for Individuals

Affinity Law Firm is dedicated to achieving the outcome clients desire in any legal matter.  Our lawyers provide legal services based on your goals.  Sometimes a legal matter is best solved without lengthy litigation.

Whether good news or bad, there are times in a person's life when issues can be best handled by an attorney. Affinity Law firm is here to help you with your legal matters.
The lawyers at Affinity Law Firm create innovative solutions that save their clients time and legal costs.   We believe that no legal matter is insignificant. 

Business Consulting and Legal Services

Affinity Law Firm offers business consulting services that allow clients the comfort of knowing that key business decisions are legally sound.  Businesses are often hesitant to contact an attorney until a law suit is filed against them.  Our lawyers believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Both business to business contracts and business to consumer contracts should be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure that future difficulties do not arise.  Our goal is to make sure that the deal goes through.  Self-protection and self-preservation in a contract, while important, is often not as important as the deal itself. 

Affinity Law Firm, Jacksonville Attorneys

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